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Our clients objectives can be achieved using a combination of one or more of the services and their respective variations showcased in this image. We chose the best services that will allow a particular client to reach their objectives based on what we know would work best and what would also fit within their budget. If there are no clear objectives given from our client, we use the budget as a guideline to prioritize specific digital marketing efforts that would bring in the best results.

As you can see in the image (click for full size), for us, everything is a funnel, a marketing funnel that drives the user to a specific goal. We identify possibilities or weaknesses within the funnel and propose a logical course of action.

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The Digital Marketing Funnel


We mention this funnel a lot because it’s how we view everything. We start with the design and the optimization of a site and move all the way to each individual marketing effort. Everything is about getting people into that funnel and leading them towards an objective at the bottom.

For example, if a site’s objective is to drive leads/people to the contact form in order to engage with the sales team, we create and optimize the site in such a way that the information the user needs is immediately clear and every action he/she makes on the site drives them closer or directly onto the means to contact the sales team. The same applies to direct sales, ecommerce sites and pretty much anything else that can be capitalized on digitally.

The marketing funnel is key and once our clients understand this conceptually, quality results are soon to follow.

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