Social Media Management

This section also includes an introduction to the concept of Social Media Management and why a brand would benefit from it, if you are familiar with the basics; use the button below to go directly to how we work and what makes us special.

How We Work

What is it?

Social Media Management is represented by 3 main categories (Data Gathering, Data Interpretation and Direct Engagement) and is a fundamental marketing tool that should always be exploited by any brand.

Social Networks allow companies to see what their audience is saying about their brand, who the audience is and the ability to directly engage with that particular audience. In the past, social media management was seen as a tool to post content in front of relevant followers across various social media accounts, however, today, consumers are turning to social media for an easy customer support experience. We are here to help you streamline your social presence in order to achieve measurable results.

Benefit Breakdown:

  • Constant brand presence across all relevant social platforms
  • Keeping a close relationship with current and potential customers
  • Ability to showcase new products and services directly to a relevant audience
  • Relatively cost free, new client / customer acquisition
  • Establishing the brand as an authority within a particular industry
  • Organic follower and customer growth

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How We Work

We gather and interpret all social data to work out the best way to engage current and future followers. Using this information we are able to create high quality social content that will engage followers across multiple channels to achieve organic growth. We are also able to integrate all social platforms with a brands’ blog and email marketing campaigns to make sure that the same message and all high quality content is delivered to your audience regardless of their social platform of choice.

We make sure that your brand image is kept intact and that your message is expressed correctly across all relevant social platforms. When it comes to social media followers, we focus on quality above quantity. A high number of followers that do not engage with a brand can be detrimental; this is exactly why we use metrics and state of the art tools to grow your follower count by focusing on highly relevant and targeted individuals.

Social Media Management Service Breakdown:

  • Creating a brand relevant social image across all relevant social networks
  • Gathering and interpreting social media data to provide regular reports
  • Engaging followers with regular content (visual or content based)
  • Integrating all relevant social platforms with each other and the brand site
  • Promoting / boosting relevant posts
  • Constant optimization within the specified budget
  • Growing the brands follower base (both paid and organic)

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