This section also includes an introduction to the concept of Remarketing and why a brand would benefit from it, if you are familiar with the basics; use the button below to go directly to how we work and what makes us special.

What is it and why do you need it?


Remarketing is essentially a form of display advertising where ads are served only to people that have visited a page within a brand’s site or have previously been a client/made a purchase with that particular business.

Because most visitors do not make a purchase at their first visit, we use remarketing to bring back these relevant individuals to a site, giving them numerous chances to re-engage with it and to make a purchase later down the line.

If a complex remarketing campaign is implemented correctly, it will always remind visitors about the brand/services/products wherever they may be online. After their first visit, we use pixels and cookies to track where the users are online and then we can serve them ads related to what they visited on the site.

For example, the user comes from Google Adwords and visits a particular product/group of products on a website. We then use this information to serve ads that are relevant to that particular product group, back to the user on his Facebook wall. Also, if the remarketing strategy is implemented correctly and the budget allows, the user can and will be served almost anywhere online, regardless of a site’s language or origin.

More Benefits


This is an essential and quite fundamental digital marketing technique that should not miss from any campaign.

Spending money on any form of advertising without a sound remarketing strategy means that a brand is essentially loosing MOST of the traffic that was already paid for. If budgets are low, or if we are at the start of a campaign, remarketing can be used to create detailed profiles about the current demographic of any particular business.

If a particular site has organic traffic but the business owner is not sure about many details regarding the audience, pixels and cookies can be placed to track those particular users in order to get a much deeper understanding about their behaviors, interests, age groups and so on.

This information can then be used to market more efficiently to the same target group.

Benefit Breakdown:


Reminding potential clients about the brand


Reminding potential clients about the products/services the business has on offer


Providing new opportunities for the potential client to make a purchase


Showcasing new offers / services to previous customers


Making the purchase decision easier with dynamic ads


Bringing potential and current clients back to the site to reach specific objectives

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How We Work


We understand that each client is different and therefore, each remarketing campaign will be different. Based on our client, we chose the most relevant platforms for their remarketing campaigns and decide on best practices to serve on those platforms.

We segment and tailor campaigns based on pages visited and actions on the site. This allows us to serve more relevant ads to each user based on a certain situation. If for example we have a client with 2 types of services and a visitor looks at 1, we will segment campaigns in such a way that, this particular visitor will be served remarketing ads that pertain to that respective service.

More relevance…


When it comes to best practices, we know that a service business can’t serve ads every day in every position as it will tire and upset potential customers. Normally, for B2B services, it’s enough to serve ads at a slower pace, with less exposure, just enough to get them to come back to the site and reconsider the brand.

If a client is doing direct sales, and certain visitors have advanced within the buying cycle (added a product to cart) ads should be served more aggressively for a shorter period of time in order to motivate the user to buy or finish the buying process that he/she started.

Even More Relevance…


Finally, when it comes to ecommerce sites, we can serve dynamic ads which show multiple products within a particular category, to not only remind the user about a brand’s presence, but to also show variety and to increase the chances of a purchase.

We couple all of the above techniques and methods of running remarketing campaigns with constant optimization of ads, ad copy, landing pages, campaign segmentation and anything else that is relevant for a particular client.

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Remarketing Service Breakdown:


Ability to serve remarketing ads on multiple platforms in multiple ways: Google Display, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Programmatic, Direct Media Buys, Ad Networks and more


Research and strategic decision making on where and what to run


Segmenting and targeting the audience in multiple ways (based on actions done on site, pages visited, behavior, stage within buying cycle etc)


Banner/creative creation (charged individually)


Campaign segmentation based on results/audience/geolocations/objectives


Constant analysis and optimization of campaigns to increase results within the budget


Dynamic and media rich ads where applicable


Adapting campaigns continuously based on new products/services/results


Tracking implementation and conversion rate tracking

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