This section also includes an introduction to the concept of Programmatic Ads and why a brand would benefit from this form of digital advertising, if you are familiar with the basics; use the button below to see directly why running programmatic is worth doing. Also, many of the processes discussed in Display and Remarketing are also applicable here.

What is it?


It is the future of advertising.

Before the digital age, we would all listen to the same radio shows or watch the same TV networks, now the game is different. We read and watch specialized content, specific to our interests, across a multitude of websites, apps, platforms and devices. This is where programmatic comes in.

It’s a form of display / media buying and remarketing that is done automatically with real time bidding by a machine (artificial intelligence) that also benefits from machine learning thus creating an ever growing profile of your target audience as users keep engaging with your content and the machine keeps running your ads.

More Benefits


Programmatic platforms allow us to not only target specific individuals that fit perfectly within your target audience but it also allows us to pay as little as possible for every single click. We can target individuals on the spot as they are reading content related to your business, regardless of where they are reading it, or where they are located. The platform can fully integrate with your own ERP (for even more customized audience data), 3rd party data or simply creating audiences based on current visitor profiling. It can run ads on more platforms than humanly possible by focusing on profiles and not platforms. Instead of limiting yourself to a platform/Ad network, programmatic allows you to reach everyone that matches a profile, without platform or Ad network limitations.

Get on board with us and become a market leader by integrating the digital industry’s newest and most effective phenomenon: programmatic.

Benefit Breakdown:


The most advanced audience profiling and targeting method


Ads seen by most relevant people for your business

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Even more…


Before programmatic, we would buy ads on various platforms such as Google. Here we would either bid automatically, or we could set specific bid or charging methods. While this was effective in its own right, unless you had a person 24/7 bidding constantly to ensure the lowest bid cost, you would always be losing out, either by bidding too much, or bidding too low and not getting any clicks. Programmatic platforms have a machine that bids in real time thus guaranteeing the lowest bid cost at any given time.

The machine also monitors the user everywhere he/she goes online thus being able to create detailed profiles regarding a particular target audience. If previously we would target based on certain interest and then remarket based on visits, now we are able to see incredibly advanced profiles that we would have never discovered before.

To exemplify, let’s assume that we want to sell a phone. Through analytics and the programmatic platform we have noticed that 90% of this particular’s phone buyers are male between ages of 40-50, they visit tech sites, car sites but also stamp sites. Without programmatic we would have never discovered the 3rd and fairly unique interest of this particular audience group. Knowing that these 3 interests are key, we are now able to target this very particular audience directly, increasing conversion rates dramatically.

Why Do I Need It?


Programmatic ads are the most advanced type of advertising that is able to reach the most targeted audience across multiple mediums. Because we can target specifically based on custom audience profiling which gets more and more detailed as we continuously run ads, we can guarantee that the people seeing these ads are the most relevant for your business. No other form of advertising compares to programmatic.

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Programmatic Service Breakdown:


Programmatic ads on multiple platforms, multiple ad networks, multiple devices with real time bidding


Advanced tracking


Tracking user behavior across multiple mediums


Creating new sales/leads on new platforms


ERP integration


3rd party data integration


Pre-created audiences based on previous /similar businesses


Constant optimization


Redefining audience profiles constantly


Most robust and targeted form of advertising

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