Performance Marketing

This section also includes an introduction to the concept of Performance Marketing and why a brand would benefit from it, if you are familiar with the basics; use the button below to go directly to how we work and what makes us special.

What is it?


Performance marketing is defined by profit or ROI. It essentially includes all digital marketing services/methods/efforts with a singular goal in mind, to make profit. Every campaign that runs is optimized until it makes profit, and more of it. Performance marketing does not discriminate between PPC/Display/Remarketing/Programmatic/Social/ SEO and others; either all cumulative efforts must profit (when it makes sense) or all individual techniques must profit individually, otherwise they get removed from the overall marketing effort.

Apart from traditional media, the digital space allows us to see what every user does, how much it costs to bring him/her to a website and then how much that person spends. If one particular effort brings users but is spending more than it’s making, then that particular effort either needs to be optimized or removed from the campaign completely.

More Benefits


Performance marketing is the easiest and most direct way to grow your business. In other sections of this website we looked at PPC/Display/Remarketing/Programmatic etc., and discussed how we can optimize those efforts in order to get more clicks within the same budget. When it comes to performance marketing, all those optimization efforts are made to increase ROI.

When doing performance marketing, everything is tested faster with a larger number of variations.

Benefit Breakdown:


Easiest and most direct way to grow an online business


Optimized for profit – know how much you put in and see exactly how much that brings you in return


Constant optimization for increased ROI

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How We Work


We know how to scale and optimize campaigns. We use our experience in some of the most competitive digital markets in the world and implement the techniques we learned there to boost the performance of our clients’ campaigns.

We optimize and test everything from the way we target and systematically segment audiences to the color of a submit button. We use state of the art tools that allow us to track and see user behavior in order to make constant improvements to everything that is onsite and, the way we reach out to audiences, offsite. This, combined with a data driven approach, allows us to reach conclusions about a particular business that would have otherwise been invisible.



Essentially, we like to think that we optimize campaigns until there’s nothing left to optimize. We create new landing pages, split testing them against other variations, we create relevance within PPC campaigns and then segment that into even more relevance with even more landing page variation, we don’t do it for the search engine, we do it to be relevant for each individual visitor that stands to make a purchase.

We constantly segment and retest audiences to better identify who to target. We also segment remarketing campaigns to fit individual product groups/services and whatever else may be relevant for any particular client. We constantly create and test multiple variations of ads and copy within the ads while also changing text on landing pages to remain more relevant for anyone that has clicked that particular ad. We also test platforms and methods of promotion within a particular platform individually, coupled with different bid methods in order to achieve the absolute best possible ROI.

This is what we know and stand by when it comes to our clients. This is what we do, to grow your business.

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Performance Marketing Service Breakdown:


Every method of promotion within the digital marketing space is optimized for profit


Gradual scaling if relevant to a particular business


Constant optimization to increase ROI


Scaling until budget limit or market saturation

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