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This section also includes an introduction to the concept of paid search, if you are familiar with the basics; use the button below to go directly to how we work and what makes us special.

What is it?


Paid Search also known as PPC is the digital advertising method in which we create ads that are served whenever someone searches for something within the engine (Google, Bing, Amazon etc). For example, if someone searches “digital marketing agency” we create ads that will show up for anyone that is making that particular search.

Obviously, the process is much more complex, featuring more advanced targeting with the ability to display your ads only to certain people, in certain demographics and geo-locations. Although this is a basic example, in essence, we are able to show the most relevant ads to the most relevant people (targeted interested prospects) that made a relevant search, regardless of their location or actual search term.

Being present on paid search allows our clients to be instantly visible for relevant terms in front of prospective customers, meaning that anyone who is interested in a client’s products/services will be able to immediately find what they are looking for and go directly to the client’s website.

More Benefits


Anyone who lands on a client’s website via paid search is an interested prospect as they have made a conscious search to get there. Compared with Display/Facebook Ads where ads are served based on profiling, it’s clear that paid search brings people that are further within the buying cycle.

PPC is one of the most direct ways to connect interested prospects with a brand’s products or services.

PPC also offers a very robust budgeting system, allowing us to spend amounts that will always fit within our clients’ budgets while still being able to bring results, even if the budgets are somewhat lower when compared to the rest of the market. We can also prioritize certain products/services to create efficiency within the budget. If our client has 20 services/products but only enough of a budget to remain competitive with 2, we identify the top 2, optimize the campaigns, reorganize the budget and dominate the market on those 2 terms, making sure that our client always has the highest ROI or most clicks possible within that budget.

Benefit Breakdown:


Instant results


Ability to be found by anyone interested in your products/services


Great taxation method (pay per click – thus only for interested prospects)


Robust targeting system (can target by product/service/geographical location & more)


Robust budgeting system that allows flexibility (pay only for what we want)


Fully trackable for 100% measurable results

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How We Work


When it comes to paid search, relevance, constant optimization of keywords, ads and landing pages are what matters most. We use state of the art technology to monitor, track and improve our clients’ campaigns constantly. We optimize and re-optimize until we get the lowest cost per click, highest quality score and highest ROI within the budget.

We pick and group keywords in order to create the most relevant ad groups possible – we know how much relevance matters to search engines and we take full advantage of it.

More relevance…


We also know that relevance isn’t just about the ads themselves, landing pages also play a massive role. That’s why we edit each and every single part in order to make everything more relevant in relation to the campaign. Apart from an increase in relevance, this has a direct effect on user behavior and conversion rates. If something is more relevant, the user is more likely to take the action we want them to.

Because search engines reward hard work and relevance with higher positions and lower click cost, our clients’ campaigns are able to crush competitors, gain higher positions, have higher conversion rates, higher ROI and more clicks within the same budget.

Even More Relevance…


PPC also allows us to segment and direct users straight to the relevant page. For example, if a user searches for 1 of 20 products offered by a client, we create ads that will land the user directly on that particular product page.

This, coupled with conversion rate optimization, landing page relevance and search term relevance, guarantee that our clients get the absolute lowest costs and highest possible conversion rates on their products/services.

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Paid Search / PPC Services breakdown:


Keyword research and analysis


Ad creation and optimization


Constant segmentation and budget optimization


Constant split testing and ad creative testing


Proposal of new campaigns to take advantage of market opportunities based on research/results or new Google products or changes


Immediate integration with new products/services


Constant feedback and analysis


Gradual scaling


Relevance optimization within campaigns, ad & keyword groups, landing pages


Landing page creation and optimization


Tracking implementation and conversion rate tracking


Audience segmentation

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