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This section includes a detailed description on Content Marketing with its respective benefits regarding a brand’s online presence; Email Marketing is on a different page; use the button below to go to Email Marketing.

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What is it?

Content marketing is similar to media buys but works in a slightly different way. Instead of buying ad space on a particular relevant website that includes the target audience, content is produced and offered for publication on that particular site. The content is usually published for free (but some sites may require compensation) and needs to inform the reader rather than sell specific products. Depending on the objectives, that content can also be used as actual ad content when running Display (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn included), when boosting certain posts or even run via programmatic platform to achieve the same effect.

Why do I need it?

There are multiple benefits regarding content marketing but primarily it helps to establish the brand as an authority within its industry. Direct links are also embedded within the content alongside a call to action with regards to current objectives. This makes it very easy for interested readers to understand and then to engage with a particular brand. Essentially, with content marketing you are basically publishing a huge advert on a site where your target audience spends their time.

More Benefits

Usually, content is regularly produced for the blog and it’s this content that will be distributed across an ever growing network of publishing partners. Getting published also plays a very important role when it comes to SEO but this will be explained in the relevant section. Finally, producing regular quality content also provides the brand with additional content to share on social media and within the email marketing campaign. Re-purposing is one of the key aspects that make content so valuable.

Benefit Breakdown:

  • Establishing the brand as an authority within the industry
  • Building trust with current clients
  • Creating transparency
  • External links (high quality and relevant backlinks)
  • SEO ready content with even more SEO benefits
  • Regular communication with the targeted audience
  • Free traffic (when content is published)
  • Exposure in front of potential clients/customers
  • Exposure on relevant websites within the industry

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Content Marketing Service Breakdown:

  • Creation and blog implementation
  • Integrating blog with social media and email marketing campaigns
  • Creating an editorial plan
  • Training 1 employee / freelancer to write online friendly, SEO ready and catchy content
  • Publishing 1 piece of content per month on blog and all social media outlets as well as email marketing campaign integration
  • Promoting the article to the target audience
  • Researching publishing partners
  • Contacting and negotiating deals for regular publication

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